It also develops optical technology used for a range of applications including material quality control, currency anti-counterfeiting and 3D motion sensing, including Microsoft's … Enjoy webinars providing the freshest troubleshooting strategies and jaw-dropping hacks, especially for Wireshark users. ONMSi Optical Network Monitoring System. These issues become more complex when managing network performance in cloud or remote environments. The RFTS from VIAVI, Optical Network Management System (ONMSi), increases workforce productivity and facilitates the management of fiber optic networks through fiber remote testing and accurate fiber plant documentation. Aussagekräftige Reports und proaktives Problemmanagement unterstützen Netzwerkadministratoren, Probleme schnell zu lokalisieren und zu … Included within this multi-tiered approach are the management of daily operations, the mitigation of risk from planned and unplanned events, and the optimized investigation and resolution of performance problems. The Service … \r\nKnow, optimize, and troubleshoot your network.\r\nObserver® Analyzer assists in successful performance management decision-making for complex VM and cloud environments, u\ nified communications \(UC\) deployments, network and … With the same visibility into their network, SecOps and NetOps teams are empowered to speak the same language, increasing collaboration between the two traditionally isolated departments. Reports? This list has been designed ... VIAVI Perspectives offers a view of timely industry trends, innovations and breaking news from Viavi bloggers and leaders. Slow connections, outages and intermittency are among the issues most reported by users. November 2017 - Westcon-Comstor, Value Added Distributor (VAD) führender Security-, Collaboration-, Netzwerk- und Datacenter-Technologien, vermarktet ab sofort die Netzwerk-Monitoring-Lösungen von VIAVI im deutschsprachigen Raum. Viavi Solutions Inc. OSP Website VIAVI Website. Monitoring & Remediation. are not only installed on the edge of the network (like most of security devices) but they monitor internal network paths where much more traffic is relevant for performance analysis purposes. What are the key features of an NPM solution? These unresolved or slowly corrected problems will undoubtedly re-occur without an effective strategy for issue resolution. Viavi Solutions has acquired French network monitoring and assurance company Expandium for an undisclosed sum, bolstering its portfolio of virtualized solutions. 6:01 St-Herblain, France – 2 June 2020 We are delighted to announce that Expandium is now part of the VIAVI Solutions Inc. family, a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government and avionics. This risk is mitigated through high-fidelity forensics and cutting-edge investigation capabilities that expedite responsive action. Viavi Observer is widely known as one of the most robust and in-depth performance monitors available today. This only makes logical sense when security-related issues are among the most common contributing factors behind network service issues. VIAVI ObserverLIVE SaaS-based network monitoring for enterprises now available as a service globally. The main complaint from users is that “things are running slow” which means you need to measure response times to understand this, including going back in time to see what happened. The State of the Network Study from VIAVI Solutions examines critical trends and technologies that shape network management. Observer and Apex from Viavi Solutions are network monitoring and packet capture solutions designed to tell you how well the applications are being delivered across your network. Only VIAVI delivers 60 Gbps network monitoring with lossless packet capture. Can you help with this or can you send me an article or … We can also help application programmers and system administrators understand and correct what the problem may be. What are the largest challenges when troubleshooting network performance? Value add services that compliment your VIAVI system solution and instrument portfolio to provide a total cost of ownership, Customer Service that provides Return Material Authorization (RMA) for repair and calibration, Technical education solutions, product training, and blended learning for technicians who are using new products or working with existing tools, Technical Assistance Center to assist you in using/configuring products or address issues regarding product performance. It operates through the following segments: Network Enablement, Service Enablement, and Optical Security and Performance. Observer provides comprehensive status visibility and insight into critical IT resources, whether in the data center core, network edge, or cloud. We deliver and install monitoring and management solutions for broadband networks. With our extensive installed base across both instruments and systems software, VIAVI is first to market with an integrated activation and assurance platform across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud, and hybrid IT - NITRO. “Innovation at VIAVI is all about driving bottom-line business success and operational excellence for our customers. Read verified VIAVI in Network Performance Monitoring Tools from the IT community. Proaktives Netzwerkmonitoring und Applikations-Analyse mit Observer Infrastructure Observer Infrastructure ist die Netzwerkmonitoring-Lösung zur Optimierung der Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Applikationen durch permanente Netzwerk- und Geräteüberwachung. About VIAVI. The list of critical features certainly includes continuous real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization capabilities. NITRO - Network Integrated Test Realtime Analytics & Automation. With traffic continuously monitored, potentially harmful files or activities can be identified on a real-time basis and escalated accordingly. Alerts based on defined performance levels are another essential tool that increases awareness of potential issues before they reach critical levels of performance degradation. Skip to collection list Skip to video grid. These are not limitations of PRTG. Damit hat der Hersteller nach eigenen Angaben sein Observer NPMD-Portfolio um einen Cloud-fähigen, abonnementbasierenden Service erweitert, der sich präzise zuschneiden und an dynamische Nutzungsmodelle anpassen lässt. Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Company & its Products Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Bloomberg Anywhere Remote Login Bloomberg Anywhere Login Bloomberg Customer Support Customer Support Packet Pushers: Solve Performance and Security Issues from the User's Perspective, Network Monitoring Technology - Achieving IT Operational Excellence, A Comprehensive Cloud and Hybrid IT Monitoring Strategy, Tested by Tolly: GigaStor Gen 4 60 Gbps Capture Performance, End-User Experience: An IT Troubleshooting Revolution, Managing new initiatives and daily operations, Mitigating risk from planned and unexpected event. Monitoring Viavi Management Server (OMS) OI is capable of monitoring other Viavi products. Gartner recognizes VIAVI Solutions as a Representative Vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics. categories. VIAVI is pleased to provide a complimentary copy of this report. VIAVI Observer Analyzer Elevate performance and reduce downtime with an integrated network monitoring system. Perform search. Viavi Observer ist dank seiner vielseitigen Komponenten gegenwärtig auf dem Markt eine der stabilsten und umfassendsten NPM-Plattformen (Network Performance Monitoring). Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Company & its Products Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Bloomberg Anywhere Remote Login Bloomberg Anywhere Login Bloomberg Customer Support Customer Support This growing complexity has led to a progressive and custom approach which encompasses more big data analytics, machine learning, performance network monitoring software options, and cloud computing. Problem remediation can be greatly accelerated by solutions that monitor, capture, and provide long-term storage of all packets, traditional flow, system logs, SNMP, network device and interface IP and MAC addresses, conversations, and transactions. The Viavi SolutionsTM ONMSi is an optical network monitoring system that expands network visibility right from the core across the PON and into the premises—improving operational support and quality-of-service (QoS) for any type of network. VIAVI HCU … With the complexity of today’s networks and the ever-present security threats, any latency associated with awareness and response can be a non-starter. Doing so allows you to further integrate Viavi products—making management of these products easier. This enhanced visibility is also essential for risk mitigation of changes and unexpected events. Perform search. Cent December 19, 2020 craig. Resource and bandwidth utilization reporting are readily available to support growth-related network planning functions. Viavi recently introduced ObserverLIVE, an SaaS-based network performance monitoring solution for enterprises.This solution is cloud-enabled, subscription-based, and includes active test monitoring. Here are 20 of the best free tools for monitoring devices, services, ports or protocols and analyzing traffic on your network. Expand all | Collapse ... (CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk usage etc.) Erfahren Sie wie Führungskräfte in Überwachung der Netzwerkleistung mit unserer neuesten Umfrageanalyse einen Schritt voraus sind . With control functions previously performed by traditional routers, servers and firewalls now migrating to software-based solutions, monitoring practices have had to adapt quickly to these virtualized functions. The risk of security threats can be manifested in unexpected events that lead to costly downtime or potentially compromised data. Automation: Along with this improved visibility and responsiveness at both ends of the spectrum, automation features are essential for diagnosing and correcting issues without direct oversight. The Network Enablement segment offers integrated portfolio of testing solutions that access the network to perform build-out and maintenance tasks. State of the Network Global Study for 2019. VIAVI XPERTrak Resolve Problems That Matter Most. In today’s remote working world, where many IT departments are limited to remote access to users and their endpoints, the need for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and insights into the remote end-user has never been greater. Network monitoring is the employment of an observing system that monitors the computer networks for failure and theft of data is being carried out and gives a notification to the administrator of the network for the same. Viavi Solutions Inc. acquired the Observer network performance monitoring (NPM) platform when the company purchased Network Instruments in late 2013. Retention of this critical information and advanced analytics allows IT teams to quickly browse backward through massive network topologies tracing massive amounts of traffic post-event and find the specific time the episode occurred, whether tied to a service issue or a security breach. Think of it as an “always-on” video security system for your network. Comprehensive and Actionable Enterprise Performance Management, Using Wireshark & the Observer Platform for Complete Visibility, High Performance Meets Ease of Use in New Observer. They also provide troubleshooting components for network, application, or security anomalies along with capabilities designed to improve overall service delivery and end-point receptivity. The annual study assesses the adoption and IT management challenges of emerging technologies, tracks key application and network challenges, and projects organization bandwidth demand. Optimize end to end construction via remote, auto test certification with a mobile app. Viavi Solutions, formerly part of JDS Uniphase, is an American network test, measurement and assurance technology company based in San Jose, California. When it comes to network monitoring via WMI, Windows Server 2008 R2 is many times faster than Windows Server 2008 (R1). The global network traffic monitoring market is expected to witness high demand due to the increasing demand for networking across the globe. NPM can also play an important role in network planning and configuration management. Beyond this valuable day-to-day functionality, the importance of keeping networks secure and data protected cannot be overstated. VIAVI is a veteran network monitoring vendor, delivering wire data capture with its GigaStor appliance. Defining the more efficient infrastructure monitoring process requires review, analysis, and prioritization to make sure this valuable resource is deployed effectively. Network Traffic Monitoring Market is in Huge Demand | NETSCOUT, VIAVI Solutions, Big Switch Networks. While open source network monitoring tools can certainly assist with getting to root cause, a comprehensive network performance monitoring solution equipped with advanced forensics and systematic workflows can accelerate performance issue resolution, even for subjective end-user complaints. Search and Browse Videos Enter terms to search videos. Previously, administrators focused on how to monitor baseline network performance, but baseline monitoring is no longer sufficient. The diagnostic and analytics capabilities of most solutions can be put to task to apply automated troubleshooting analysis to any performance or security issue that arises. An efficient memory monitor tool also helps you to optimize hardware and bandwidth according to your real needs by delivering an analysis of long term monitoring data. VIAVI Sr. Director of Product Management, Charles Thompson, presented and fielded questions from panel of industry experts at Cisco Live US. Obtaining the right network overview solution for your organization is just the beginning. Similarly, effective user interface customization in the form of flexible dashboards, intuitive graphics and metrics are important features for improved IT performance and satisfaction, along with optimized network coverage and easy-to-read reports. About VIAVI Solutions. ELECARD Boro IPTV Monitoring. With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions, we have been able to prove when it is (or isn’t) the network that is the problem. 2:33 Your network and security teams can join forces to remediate security attacks. Gartner recognizes VIAVI Solutions as a Representative Vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics. Applications are also becoming ever-more complicated as the number of tiers and their hosting location options proliferate. No longer limited to the on-premise deployments of the past, applications can now be divided between multiple cloud or external geographic locations overlapping with traditional local deployments. Specifically, SecOps and NetOps teams can profile user and device activities, quickly detecting and alerting on possible rogue behavior. Monitoring & Remediation. NPM tools from VIAVI proactively identify the most serious network issues with an end-user experience score, problem diagnosis, and out-of-the-box workflows leading IT teams to resolution. Why is the complexity of performance monitoring growing? Effective network performance monitors characterize and report on relevant metrics tied to IT services and supporting resources. Essentially, when faced with performance issues, network teams don’t know where to begin troubleshooting – whether it’s the network, software, application, mobile app, client, or system. VIAVI HCU 200 PathTrak Integrated Return Path Monitoring Module. VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government and avionics. Enter terms to search videos. Observer delivers multi-dimensional end-user experience scoring on every transaction, real-time site-based dashboards, and pre-engineered workflows with deep data visibility for comprehensive operational awareness, fast problem resolution, and powerful forensic investigations.

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