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1 overall pick in the 2020. I understand the organization has been inconsistent as well, so how much will this play into the decision to give Baker a Max contract? CLEVELAND, Ohio — Baker and Emily Mayfield play house at FirstEnergy Stadium in a series of “At Home with Baker Mayfield’’ commercials throughout … Emily Mayfield has seen husband Baker take plenty of hits as the Browns quarterback, both on and off the field. Baker Mayfield Joins a Book Club | Progressive Commercial - YouTube Homeowner Baker Mayfield hosts a feisty book club and the votes are in: Aimee’s out. That’s made his role in this year’s Heisman House commercials perfect. In “At Home With Baker Mayfield”, we see Baker mow the lawn of “his home” while a befuddled groundskeeper looks on. The always funny “At Home with Baker Mayfield” Progressive Insurance commercials feature Mayfield treating FirstEnergy Stadium as if it were his home. It is hard to root against a happy marriage. Mayfield, however, took it to another level with his series of "At Home With Baker Mayfield" spots for Progressive, which are now into a second season with fresh ads for 2020. Former high school and Division I athlete (now a "retired" family man) that loves watching and discussing all sports. Why Josh Allen's MVP case is closer to Aaron Rodgers' than you think, Jets hire Robert Saleh as head coach, return to defensive posture, Why the Jaguars hired Urban Meyer: Florida ties, top pick helped lure ex-Ohio State coach to Jacksonville, How Urban Meyer, Jaguars can avoid ruining Trevor Lawrence after picking him in 2021 NFL Draft, How Urban Meyer, Jaguars can avoid ruining Trevor Lawrence, Re: “At Home With Baker Mayfield” I actually don't mind these commercials, because it's a Progressive commercial WITHOUT FLO. Mayfield is feeling good until he reaches the first obstacle: a padlocked gate as he tries to enter FirstEnergy Stadium. “I remember that shy boy when he would get in front of the camera and to see him do that, that tickled me,” Shaw said in a … Baker Mayfield is starring in another round of "at home" commercials that show the Browns quarterback and his wife, Emily, dealing with amusing homeowner moments. As Browns starting quarterback, Mayfield has had mixed results in his two-plus NFL seasons as the No. Real sports stories. In a very creative and humorous set of commercials Baker Mayfield and his wife show what life is like at their home, Cleveland Browns stadium. In 2020, Mayfield will earn a base salary of $750,000 and a roster bonus of $2,791,180, while carrying a cap hit of $9,003,540 and a dead cap value of $19,312,670. Baker finds out what it's like to clean up after a raging, messy party, stadium cleanup style. CLEVELAND—Chastising his biggest client’s immaturity and lack of concern for professional obligations, Baker Mayfield’s commercial agent Patrick Hayes told sources Wednesday that he is furious that the quarterback continues to risk his career by playing football. Baker Mayfield channels Ron Swanson while discussing things he hates. But if one game can change a storyline, Baker Mayfield … The Cleveland Browns QB manages to grab the groceries from his car all at once, wrapping each arm wrapped around a paper bag and grabbing multiple plastic bags with each hand. spartan01 says: December 27, 2020 at 9:52 pm Powered by, groundskeeper who already thinks Mayfield is a little crazy, Flashback: SNL's classic 'Synchronized Swimming' Olympics sketch (Video), Baker Mayfield struggles with groceries in new Progressive ad, Patrick Mahomes and Troy Polamalu take it up to 100 in new Head & Shoulders ad, Aaron Rodgers likes his State Farm insurance rate in new ad, 7 Popular Super Bowl LV Prop Bets You Can Wager, Nebraska QB Luke McCaffrey switches hands, completes pass for first down, Dolphins accidentally run over official celebrating INT vs. Broncos. The "At Home with Baker Mayfield" TV commercials are scheduled to debut on Sept. 5, three days before the Browns play their season opener … Swagger-filled Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is one of the NFL’s young shining stars. And now Progressive is featuring him in a new campaign. While he works to secure his long-term place as face of the franchise in Cleveland, Mayfield's charismatic personality has turned him into the league's next superstar of television commercials. Gruden took a funny shot at Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, saying he preferred his own television commercials to Mayfield’s, per Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. Like the insurance commercials he peddles, “At home with Baker Mayfield” is where he’ll be watching the playoffs. Baker Mayfield signed a 4 year, $32,682,980 contract with the Cleveland Browns, including a $21,849,440 signing bonus, $32,682,980 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $8,170,745. Of course, those concourses at the stadium are pretty long... Mayfield doesn't mind making himself look a little silly in this, Copyright 2020, Holdout Sports. The premise is simple — Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium doubles as Mayfield's actual "house" while he gets used to married "homeowner" life with his wife Emily. Because that means Baker Mayfield has become the Browns’ savior at quarterback and fans can smile when seeing him in Progressive commercials instead of shaking their heads in disappointment. Here is a ranking of them all: There's nothing flashy about this one but simple genius. The longer the couple remains in Cleveland should correlate with some actual success for the team. Baker Mayfield and Progressive Insurance are back for Season 2. ... No regular TV except in the Arizona and San Francisco home markets. ", The award for the most awkward ad for Baker is him eating a bowl of cereal in the stadium tunnel and unexpectedly running into "Bobby.". As Browns starting quarterback, Mayfield has had mixed results in his two-plus NFL seasons as the No. Only this time, "home" for the Browns quarterback in the amusing commercials really is FirstEnergy Stadium. Baker is flummoxed by flushing issues in the stadium and endures the frustration of waiting on some help. If you have watched any televised sporting event with ads over the past year, you can't miss Mayfield. But despite his urging years ago, Shaw said he laughed when he first saw Wills in an “At Home With Baker Mayfield” commercial for Progressive insurance. Instagram. Last summer, Progressive Insurance signed the Mayfields to an endorsement deal, with the couple appearing in commercials filmed “at home,” Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium. On Wednesday, Progressive announced that it will be bringing back its "At Home with Baker Mayfield" ad campaign for the 2020 season. As was the … Baker Mayfield is becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL’s youngest generation, and fans across the world are wondering why.Although Mayfield had loads of success during his college career, his NFL career has not yet shown to be worth the hype that came with it.. With so many commercials and media appearances, one might wonder if Mayfield is getting undue attention, … Mayfield struggles to start the lawn mower and refuses groundskeeping help in the stadium, proudly declaring "a man should cut his own lawn. Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for and 850 ESPN Cleveland. One particular commercial features Mayfield attempting to carry groceries into the stadium. The one captures the fun of the "beep" spot, helped by the flawless acting of Emily. The three videos show Baker and his wife Emily in everyday situations only they happen at the Browns stadium. We have the video to prove it. 1 overall pick in the 2020. Somehow Mayfield manages to get into the stadium, still carrying all the groceries, but then he hits another obstacle: he drops his keys. By: geddyrulz ... Baker Mayfield will never be … Hulu TV Spot, 'Baker Mayfield's Hulu Has Live Sports Audible' NFL Super Bowl 2019 TV Spot, 'The 100-Year Game' Featuring Marshawn Lynch, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning NFL TV Spot, … Baker encounters that irritating beep associated with needing to replace smoke-detector batteries and scrambles around the stadium looking for the source. LAS VEGAS — With a quarterback who had starred in more TV commercials than playoff wins, the Browns were a popular punch line. Mayfield, however, took it to another level with his series of "At Home With Baker Mayfield" spots for Progressive, which are now into a second season with fresh ads for 2020. He delivers the line "Can we talk about that honeymoon scene?" She needs to be euthanized. Baker, back in frantic house-maintenance mode, tries to cover every seat in the stadium as quickly as he can. MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — Baker Mayfield has a new teammate, and she rocks a headband, too. Missed any of Mayfield's brilliant Progressive ads or want to be reminded of just how good he is in them? Baker Mayfield is coming for you. Baker is asked by Emily to turn out the lights on 2019 so they can go to bed. Hey Tony: How complicated is a Baker Mayfield contract extension given his lack of consistency throughout his career? Watch: At Home with Baker Mayfield Funny commercials Aug 29, 2019. perfectly.. The Behind the Scenes "outtakes," like this new one, are also well done. The series shows Baker “at home” at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Baker Mayfield is coming for you. Baker Mayfield knows the way to a woman’s heart, or at least used an unconventional method to get the attention of his eventual wife Emily (formerly Wilkinson) Mayfield… From the look on his face sitting next to Tom Brady in the epic "NFL 100" ad to his several clever appearances in Nissan's "Heisman House" campaign, Mayfield has been a natural in front of the camera, channeling the Mannings' sense of humor. Baker Mayfield hosts book club in latest Progressive commercial Michael James September 19, 2020 Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield hosts a book club at FirstEnergy Stadium in this week's new episode of " At Home With Baker Mayfield ", the latest in the ad series presented by Progressive Insurance. While he works to secure his long-term place as face of the franchise in Cleveland, Mayfield’s charismatic personality has turned him into the league’s next superstar of television commercials. We sense a theme with Baker in either a robe or pajamas. Progressive TV Commercial, 'Baker Mayfield Cleans House' Baker Mayfield loves to entertain at his house, Cleveland's FirstEnergy Stadium, but the cleanup process might not be worth the fun. Realizing that he cannot retrieve his keys to get in, he calls for help to no avail. Rather than putting the groceries down, he figures out a way to keep moving forward: he kicks the keys along the floor until he reaches his final destination. Baker Mayfield is the petty king, a master of being himself while not caring how you feel about it. MAYFIELD, Ohio (WOIO) - Baker Mayfield is moving into a huge new home with dozens of bathrooms, food stands and a full-size football field — on television, that is. Super Bowl halftime show 2021: Who is performing at Super Bowl 55 in Tampa? Which Positions Deserve the Most of Your Daily Fantasy Football Budget. Obnoxious, overkill that was cute for 4 days 20 years ago and it's bring beaten to death. Follow me on Twitter (@HoldoutSports) and like Holdout Sports on Facebook. Progressive try to promote products ‘Progressive Auto Insurance, Progressive Home Insurance’ through Baker Mayfield Progressive Baker Mayfield Is A Gamer TV advertisement. The "At Home with Baker Mayfield" TV commercials are scheduled to debut on Sept. 5, three days before the Browns play their season opener … Watch each episode all season long! The couple tend to the stadium as any married couple would tend to … September 2, 2020 – Cleveland, OH: Building off the success of last year’s debut campaign, season two of ‘At Home with Baker Mayfield’ picks up where Progressive left off – with Baker and Emily Mayfield navigating home ownership on their ‘home’ turf living in a 68,000 seat stadium. Emily and Baker are enjoying one of those house shows unitl he needs to make at least one long walk across the stadium to get her a lemonade. This new ad for 2020 explores the literate, sensitive side of Baker. Like the insurance commercials he peddles, "At home with Baker Mayfield" is where he'll be watching the playoffs. Baker Mayfield struggles with groceries in new Progressive ad Michael James September 26, 2020 Baker Mayfield struggles to carry his groceries from the car in a single trip during the latest episode of "At Home With Baker Mayfield" which made its debut online Friday, presented by Progressive. After Mayfield has sent off his guests, he breaks out his tiny vacuum to start sprucing up the place. Move over, Peyton Manning, insurance pitchman. Progressive Baker Mayfield Is A Gamer commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of Progressive. Find exclusive content from Progressive Insurance with Baker and Emily Mayfield. Moonlighting as a blogger to pursue my interest and enjoyment of sports.
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