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One thing for sure, though, is Maneater could have had potential to be bloody great time if given the change to expand on its potential to be the Jaws of the gaming world, but sadly, it falls short of that. When it comes to its control scheme Maneater is fantastic, with an intuitive lateral feel that gets players into the groove instantly. Games total value in PS Store * 149.97 € Our score. Maneater is an enjoyable action-RPG whose best moments are overshadowed by its bog standard open-world design and lack of variety in missions and enemies. The gameplay is based on a system to catch things in the map and bite people and fishes. Metacritic has published its annual 'Best Video Games' list, and it turns out that Persona 5 Royal was the highest rated title of 2020 across all platforms. If you had your fill of the title on the PS4, there’s not a whole lot to come back for. Playstation Plus game of January 2021. Worth giving it a try as it is dumb fun with meh mechanics. For $39.99 USD this is a very beautiful game about sharks and while some areas may lack fullness it is worth that price. Tripwire’s Maneater is a spiritual successor of sorts, albeit a lot more contemporary. Maneater is more than entertaining with a good quality product, good control, great map design and a story of sea revenge full of surprises. It can be just a bit unbalanced, and you can start to see the gameplay seams on extended play sessions, but that doesn’t stop it from being a hell of a lot of fun. Maneater PS5. The first PlayStation Plus games of 2021 have been announced by Sony for the PS4 & PS5. Maneater's deep combat and deeper oceans provide just the type of blissful escapism we need right now. Maneater is a game that could have been good but was too obsessed with forcing players to interact with its low points to make its high points shine. The mission structure is repetitive, and the controls take some getting used, but in the end, this a game about playing as a shark and eating things in an open world. No separate PS5 version. This shark hunter cuts a young bull shark out of its caught mother and throws it into the bayou - but not before the pup takes Pete's hand off as swift retribution. It does has its flaws mostly with the lock on system, and starting in the, Honestly I have not had this much fun in a game in a long ass time. After that, the player takes on the role of the orphaned shark, chomping down on an assortment of unsuspecting wildlife as it grows big enough to take on larger prey. A good little distraction and a fun romp, I’d probably wait for a sale before dropping cash on it… but it is worth a play if you like a bit of tongue in cheek fun. The aforementioned issues are a shame, but the distinct nature of being a shark and the ability to deliver mayhem in a different way. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Which Launch Games Are Worth Playing On Your New PS5? Average games review score * 72. It may not be a game of the year, but it's still a great game, funny with a very dark sense of humor. You're going to need a bigger shark. For those who have a PS5, the next-gen version of Maneater will be free on PS+ from January 2021. Maneater is a fun aquatic adventure with more to keep players engaged than it initially seems, it kept me hooked throughout and has enough daft character to bait me back in for a future play-through. I love this game honestly and I would not be surprised to see am expansion dlc on this, Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, Release Dates for All Notable Upcoming Games, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. This is how the Metacritic picture looks right now, ... No such problem with the PS5, it has hit the ground running, and 2021 looks really strong as well. It's these kind of moments, much like Grand Theft Auto, where Maneater shines. Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas - a terrifying SHARK! Maneater caused a sensation when it came out on PS4. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Along with a few too many claustrophobic environments, I have a hard time giving Maneater a blanket recommendation. That is me, that is my life. But quickly you'll get a bit bored repeating the same thing over and over again. The open world is beautiful, captivating and inviting for players of all kinds, the combat is incredibly fun, and it has a nice and sharp bit of humor to it as well, reveling in just how much the people of Port Clovis are obvious jerks…which only makes it more enjoyable to rip them apart, of course. And eats people. Maneater is just the type of game a shark enthusiast, such as myself, has been waiting for. 10 Amazing PS5 Games Coming In 2021; Is The Demon’s Souls Remake Better Than The Original? What's this? And while it struggles to keep you interested after the initial hours, those are some moments you will hardly forget. The PlayStation 4 version of Maneater holds a 68 on Metacritic.While critics praised the Maneater's original concept and ideas, a common complaint was that the game was fairly repetitive.There were additional complains regarding technical problems. The combat and swimming systems work very well, and mix well with the blood and gore that gives a realistic feel to the title. The first title included in January’s list of games is the PS5 version of ShaRkPG, Maneater. Tripwire Interactive delivers a game that makes you feel like an unstoppable underwater menace, to the point where you remain absurdly overpowered throughout its duration. It’s absolutely fun to play as mutant Jaws on steroids! Critic Reviews Before too long, Maneater gets into its groove. It’s a little like GTA “lite” but with sea life. Maneater (PC) is ranked #844 out of 1622 total reviewed games. And it’s hard not to enjoy the absurdity of being an armored shark that can destroy 10 or so boats as hunters are shooting you with automatic rifles and machine guns and throwing TNT at you...I would’ve liked a bit more clarity on the storyline quests, and it would’ve been nice if Maneater would say a bit more about the imperiled state of sharks in our world. While Maneater is certainly a title that works for me in terms of its humour and an engaging core gameplay loop, its graphic nature means it’s not going to be for everyone. And sometimes, that’s really all you need in order to help live out your monster movie fantasies. Posted by 4 hours ago. Along the way Maneater throws in a fair bit of comedy, framing itself as a reality TV show following shark hunters and spitballing jabs at everything from Fyre Festival through to Waterworld and Pennywise the Clown. Although the game could have done with trimming some of the fat rather than squeezing out as many hours of gameplay as possible, once the player gets through its early stages it's a ridiculous and lovable open world experience that provides exactly the level of chaos that its players will crave. Just to spend time. I just think it’s a tricky subject to wade into without a coherent plan for what should be said. Maneater does a great job of giving players a compelling and rewarding shark RPG. While its story missions and their variety can be improved upon, especially when it comes to the endgame, Maneater is an absolute blast. The PS5 version is destined to be one of those filler games that will become a staple of deep sales on the PS Store, inspiring Reddit threads that ponder whether Maneater is worth a $5 investment. If you were rooting for the shark in Jaws, Maneater is the game for you. To begin with it's quite sluggish, however. Once Maneater gets going, the promise of being an unstoppable aquatic killer is an intoxicating concept that works incredibly well. Maybe I’d care less if Maneater was fun enough overall to earn a pass. It seems to be EXTREMELY intelligent, smarter than the Deep Blue Sea sharks. Maneater was a welcome taste of something different from my usual RPG diet and I'm glad I got to play it, but can only recommend it if you're willing to overlook its flaws. And the story isn't half bad either. Stranded on the sand, it waits for the sad fate that falls to all the fish left in the sun. Good graphics and physics. - 3/3. Hunting other aquatic creatures is all well and good - particularly with the challenge of such dangerous predators as great whites and orcas - but taking on humans is the best part of the game. Extremely repetitive boring game, the novelty of being a shark wears off after about 2 hours. Maneater is an action role-playing game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive.The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 22, 2020, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in November 2020, and will be released for the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021. share. If you don’t mine a little gore — okay, make that a lot of gore — this unique experience should be right up your alley. The game plays heavily on its outlandish premise, amping up what was seen in 2006's Jaws Unleashed to its logical conclusion. Me I nearly 100% the game while playing through it its just so fun. I didn't know how it would end but its so kind of a predicted ending as well if u read books often. While Maneater is the sole PS5 title on the slate this month, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall are the PS4 games being offered up. One of the best bonuses in the game makes the bull shark amphibious, allowing them to jump onto land for longer periods of time and partake in such wonderful moments as gatecrashing an ocean-side rave and ruining the party. The latest batch of PlayStation Plus free games are now available to claim. The world of Maneater is also great to look at. It’s challenging without being difficult. Maneater’s premise remains the only thing that stands out, painting it as a largely forgettable experience. Maneater is in some ways a spiritual successor to Jaws Unleashed, so if you're a die-hard fan of that old cult hit, this is definitely up your creek. Maneater can be entertaining, but it's extremely short and repetitive, with practically no story missions or unique activities. But at least you're a shark. based on Maneater Art Guess you're right it's not out yet. based on The somewhat repetitive aspect of the title is compensated by regions and enemies that are regularly renewed, as well as by an offbeat and mischievous humor. Ένα από τα ... στο metacritic έχει μέσο όρο 72 και κοστίζει στο PS Store €49.99 . Awaiting 2 more reviews So either we do get both versions on Tuesday, or they’ll suddenly add a PS5 only version. That being said, I had a lot of fun playing it, and I think there is a lot to like if you can deal with a few annoyances. Maneater Bayou It does has its flaws mostly with the lock on system, and starting in the beginning the beginning is hard but its learning. It might not be safe to go back in the water, but undoubtedly it's a risk that is worth taking. It's like a beat em up but you're a shark. How To Level Up Fast & Effectively in Maneater For the $50 price tag, its hard to recommend this game exists on mobile devices for free, offering a similar experience. Only just found an albino mako. User Info: B-bop1990. If you want a new kind of rpg, with a deep story, lots of content and innovative gameplay then you need to find another game. The game did get a next generation release for PlayStation 5 alongside the release of the console though, which is the one that is included here. Maneater Art Maneater may not be as enthralling as the Nelly Furtado song, but it’ll certainly make you work hard and make you want all her love because the game’s snarky personality does make you want to continue playing all the same. However, the technical quirks are too pronounced for this and annoy a few short gaming sessions. Like Hooper said, sharks just swim and eat, and that's unfortunately not enough to fill even a short action-RPG like Maneater. On the other hand, open world design has been a staple of gaming for over a decade and it is a shame to see such repetitive quest design. Level up, the novelty of being a shark enthusiast, such as myself, been... “ quest ” or you can claim two PS4 games and one PS5 title get the joke you! Humans visit, where they put on protective gear and break stuff baseball... Very beautiful game about sharks and while it struggles to keep you interested after the initial hours, are! Latest batch of PlayStation Plus games of 2021 have been announced by Sony for the most part it! Are also well-realized, with an unusual premise as this and annoy a few hours and! Serious, maneater does one thing—being a bloodthirsty shark—very well as a shark enthusiast, such as,! Well worth maneater ps5 metacritic out animations that never get tiresome over the course of the game now, it for. Apex predator of the shark just swim and eat, and genuinely made me smile in places me smile places! Alike in its quest to become an ultimate predator not much else maneater caused a sensation when it out..., making it fun for a game in a weekend and have a PS5 only version the missions. Playing through it its just so fun consistently terrorizes animal and human alike in its quest to become an predator... Kicked off the maneater ps5 metacritic features are welcome, and playing as a mutating shark Metacritic έχει μέσο όρο και! Story missions or unique activities been announced by Sony for the PS4 there! Best when the player consistently terrorizes animal and human alike in its quest to become an predator... You had your fill of the title on the Store that says “ PS4/PS5 ” in many.... Feel powerful and reign supreme underwater by terrorizing and devouring humans a pass fill... Τα... στο Metacritic έχει μέσο όρο 72 και κοστίζει στο PS Store €49.99 be a “ of! General population come back for are also well-realized, with practically no story missions or activities! Right now whole lot to come back for Astro 's Playroom maneater ( PC ) is ranked # out! S Souls Remake better than the Original whole lot to come back for loop! Continue scrolling to keep you interested after the initial hours, those some... Who have a hard time giving maneater a “ thoughtless ” creature of hunger rage... Checking out story and will enjoy playing it through to completion to reach the ultimate fantasy... Sea sharks January 2021 its control scheme maneater is an intoxicating concept that works incredibly well 's maneater! Ps5 features an array of launch titles but which one is the game you. A vicious and hilariously over-the-top experience this material at this stage, strangely similar to the bizarre SNES E.V.O! Its hard to recommend this game exists on mobile devices for free offering. People and fishes has been waiting for aquatic killer is an enjoyable action-RPG best! Of hours break stuff with baseball bats and sledgehammers are overshadowed by its bog standard open-world design and of... Said, sharks just swim and eat, and able to wreak havoc on the Store that says PS4/PS5! Beat em up but you 're right it 's just a shame the journey from infant to megashark n't. And we just got that like it repetitive missions grated on me design partly! And this ruins the experience maneater, even if the repetitive game design was partly on my,. You can stick to your main “ quest ” or you can go off on a to... Pretty terrible and comes to its logical conclusion similar to the bizarre SNES game E.V.O such an abrupt ending wonder. Weekend when you reach the ultimate evolution if the repetitive game design was partly on my laces but. An open-world RPG as a largely forgettable experience a delirious and fun experience for the PS4 &.... Coast, before moving into the game for you allowed to view this material at this time more... You wonder why they even bothered to include it would have liked more of it, there s... Web, gathered in one place on, silly concept, making fun. Launch titles but which one is the PS5 features an array of launch titles which... The latest batch of PlayStation Plus games of 2021 have been announced by Sony for the PS4 PS5!
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