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A sniper rifle sitting at the NW corner of the courtyard on the elevated walkway can help with this. ;The Sword Base is under attack and it's up to Noble Team to come to the rescue. Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Etc. Walk halfway up the stairs and kill the Jackals and Elite major. Report . Move down the rest of the path to the covered area. On the ground floor of Sword Base you'll find a group of UNSC troops fighting a few Elites, Jackals and Grunts. After you have killed most or all of the Grunts, enter your ghost and drive underneath the building that the Elite general is on. ONI Sword Base is the second Halo: Reach mission. For now, though, you’ve made it to Rally Point Alpha and completed the first portion of the Halo: Reach “ONI Sword Base” mission. Exit your ghost here, and you will have a perfect view of the AA gun facility due to your higher elevation. Once again, deal with the lesser enemies first. Swap your rocket launcher for a plasma pistol to kill the Elites, then swap back to your rocket launcher. At the end of the hallway, you will come to a door leading you to the atrium, where you will find Jorge and Carter fighting their way up Sword Base. ;The Sword Base is under attack and it's up to Noble Team to come to the rescue. If done correctly, you can easily survive this without receiving any health damage. A few Jackals stand between you and the outer doors of the base. Restock DMR ammo from a case on the forward right corner of the roof and activate the AA gun with the green switch on the wall next to this case. Restock on DMR ammo and kill the three Grunt minors on the other side of the bridge ahead of you, then sprint across the bridge and into the room on the other side. From these stairs, DMR snipe the Jackals and Grunts in the other building. He will not shoot you if you are close because the collateral damage will injure him, and the covenant never perform a task that causes themselves injury. Instead, avoid them by hugging the edge of the cliff to the left and using the rocks to provide cover against the ghost. He therefore will resort to melee attacking you, making him an easy target to kill with an overcharged plasma shot and DMR headshot. Celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton, shares with us the products he solemnly swears by Halo Reach Legendary walkthrough is here. The next part of the level takes you down a ramp to the right. Mission 4 - Nightfall I Need A Weapon. If you are playing alone, I do not suggest using it. Winter Contingency | ONI Sword Base | Nightfall | Tip of the Spear | Long Night of Solace Exodus | New Alexandria | The Package | Pillar of Autumn | Lone Wolf. Move forward through the open gates, where you will find three marines pinned down by two Hunters. Your initial objective is to protect Sword Base from a large group of covenant infantry in the courtyard. Emergency Food Storage Pantry stockpile, Fight Analysis – Q&A Top 5 Self Defense Tip with Nick Drossos. CVS Prepper SHTF Shopping Haul with Coupons …, Garden update, what i planted different in …, 5 Minutes (Or Less) Prepper Tips: Rules …, Project Enoch 2012: Long Lost Bible Secrets Uncovered, Know the Fabrics to Make Smart Outdoor Clothing Choices, CVS Prepper SHTF Shopping Haul with Coupons and Clearance Items! You will come to two rocks in the middle of the path. Along the right wall, there are three weapons crates, one with two DMRs, one with two armor locks, and one with a target locator, as well as a health kit. Just outside, a friendly Warthog appears, chased by two Wraith tanks and a squad of Covenant soldiers. What to do. All Rights Reserved. Jacking a Wraith: If you are a skilled wraith driver and wish to use a wraith for the outdoor portion of this mission, you can jack one of the wraiths instead of destroying them both. This time, take the path to the East, the downhill path to the left. The “Armor Lock” armor ability is handy on this mission, as well. After you come close to Sword Base, you will see a hill with a dead marine, a rocket launcher, and a health kit on top. Stay on top of the building to kill all of the remaining enemies. Those will be your 2 dead vehicles. Enter one of the ghosts you jacked and drive back to Sword Base. Next up, a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style mission to secure the base’s exterior, along with a little driving. ONI Sword Base . Then, renter the room and kill the phantom and any banshees with you rocket launcher by stepping out of the door ahead of you. This will be used in the upcoming Hunter fight. Halo Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Complete ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary. In this first part of our walkthrough, we cover the "The Best Defense..." chapter of the mission. To your left, there are two hallways, one with stairs and one without. There is also a sniper rifle where the Jackal snipers were located. Jump into the Warthog (any seat will do, but me I love to be gunner) once you arrive at your destination the Comm Array activation switch will be a glowing icon watch out for the elites and the banshee’s that will try and stop you. This area is a very good position because it provides a good DMR sniping and only has one entrance. Jump to Page 2. Kill as many of the light infantry as possible from the cover of the large pillar holding up the covered area. Once the enemies retreat out of range, move up into the cover field and use one of the barricades as cover. Your mission is to clear ONI: Sword Base of all Covenant hostiles, with additional objectives to be added later. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. However, if you are playing co-op, you may wish to consider using this warthog. It is important that you do not linger on the bridge because you are vulnerable to enemies above you when you stand on this bridge. Plant A Food Garden. Now, since all of the enemies are clustered around the other path, you can easily boost to Sword Base without risk. Occasionally, your eight rockets do not provide enough firepower to kill both Hunters. If so, finish off the survivor with your stickies and frags. This concludes the ONI: Sword Base mission of the Halo Reach campaign. Instead of bringing the target locator from the previous section, swap for it to cause the doors to open and then immediately swap back for your plasma pistol. The narrower ramps to either side provide the best cover as you advance. This mission allows you to choose which objective to complete first. The Elite major is usually on the second story platform ahead of you when you enter the hallway, so be prepared to kill him with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot as you walk up the ramp in front of you. To do this, follow over your target until the square turns red. The Target Locater is marked as "Ordinance" in a row of weapon cases in the main gate just before you come upon the two Wraith tanks. Next to the corpse of a marine, you will find a DMR and a health kit, both of which you should use to restock. Halo: Reach: Flip the switches to become a Reach Racer! As soon as you reach the top level, stun and kill the Elite general before he can charge up his plasma launcher to stick you. You start this mission with a 50 ammo DMR and a 375 ammo assault rifle, in an area used as the “Courtyard” firefight map. Begin by killing all of the infantry, including the Grunts operating the wraiths’ turrets. Oh, and those two Wraith tanks we just mentioned? Do not get used to it though. Among this cover there are four Skirmisher majors and any infantry that retreated from the last fight. Although the wraiths will not come toward you, the infantry will. They fly near it to relaying its coordinates to one of the UNSC frigates. You will then receive orders to return to Sword Base, concluding this rally point. Forza in the Fall Halo: Reach: Flip the switches to become a Reach Racer! Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough (Mission 3 - Legendary Difficulty Part 2 of 3) NextGenTactics. This will cause the Elite driver to exit the wraith, allowing you to kill him with and overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot. Published: Jan 28, 2010. The facility is located on the Babd Catha Ice Shelf in Eposz, near one of the poles of the planet Reach. … http://www.mahalo.com/reachlegendary Finally, the wait is over. Turn on the generator for the coms array with the switch, triggering a spirit to drop seven Skirmisher majors and three Grunts on the other building. This can be rather difficult because it can continue to fire upon you even when stunned with EMP. Once you reach the last rock, allow your shields to regenerate, boost up the last stretch of road, and turn the corner to your left, providing you safety from the ghosts. Move forward along the second story path ahead, and you will find a sniper rifle along the right railing. If it still is not dead, restock on frag grenades at the shotgun crate to finish it off. Then return to the third story and swap your plasma pistol for the rocket launcher near the window. After killing all Grunts and Skirmishers, climb the far building and turn on the coms array on the top story. Survival: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Cause Them To Attach Their Survival To Others? From here, pick off as many Grunts and Jackals as possible with your DMR. At the other end, you will come to a large, open room. If your shields fall low, backup down the stairs and you will be completely protected. Watch out for an Elite here, as well. The facility is located on the Babd Catha Ice Shelf in Eposz, near one of the poles of the planet. Staying inside this room, DMR snipe the other enemies through the doorway. LASO. This video is a Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough (Mission 3 - Legendary Difficulty Part 2 of 3). You will come to a sharp 180 turn, where you will see two ghosts. It also allows provides you better cover for retaking the coms array. Part 1: The Best Defense… Kill the charging Skirmishers first, then pick off the other enemies when you have a clear shot. Make sure you pick up the target locator and a fresh DMR before you head outside. It is written for play at the Legendary difficulty, but contains notes for lower difficulties. Once you walk outside, you will move on to the next rally point. Once you have dealt with all of the infantry from the before, stun and jack the ghosts. Turn right into the hallway that leads up to the second story. Once you get to the coms array outpost, walk into the first building you come to. In the room at the top of the stairs, you will find another DMR crate, two health kits, and a rocket launcher. A short time after you activate the AA gun, a phantom will drop two ghosts, one operated by an Elite and one operated by a Grunt, to the left of the building. You have useless allies, little cover, and plenty of elites and jackals. Two F… LASO . Through the next door you will find two Jackals. About the Game : Halo: Reach is a 2010 first-person shooter developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios, originally for the Xbox 360 home video game console. The only way that the Elite rangers and majors will reach you is from the stairs behind you. Data pad 4: ONI: Sword Base (legendary difficulty) When you first receive the Warthog, you’ll be given two possible destinations: a comm array or an artillery gun. Once the ghost approaches you, EMP it with this plasma pistol and jack it. Stay in the room until it leaves to avoid its concussion shots, then come outside and kill the Elite spec ops and Grunt with your rocket launcher or DMR. In the other building, there are six Grunts, two Jackal snipers with needle rifles, two Elite majors, and an Elite ultra. This video is a Halo: Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough (Mission 3 - Legendary Difficulty Part 1 of 3). You'll arrive in Sword Base during a Covenant strike. This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Halo Reach mission "ONI: Sword Base" alone without skipping or running by enemies. Mission 4 - NIGHTFALL I Need A Weapon Halo: Reach: … There are seven Grunts and two Elites majors in and around the building, as well as an Elite general with a plasma launcher on top of the building. This is also the first mission in which you fight Hunters, the most durable infantry of the covenant army. Stay on your side of the bridge to kill the Jackal snipers then charge across the bridge to kill the Elite. Kill the Jackal snipers first because they pose the highest threat to you due to their accurate needle rifles. Stand in the doorway and kill the enemies as they walk into your line of fire. Kill them and run inside the burning room. Inside of the room you are in, you will find the generator switch along with a health kit, an assault rifle crate, and a sprint and armor lock case. Survival And Prepper. A phantom will come by and drop off two Elite spec ops and a Grunt. Halo: Reach walkthrough Mission 3: ONI: Sword Base – Part 2: Activate Comms Array, Find Airview Outpost and Return To Base. After killing the Elite major if he was present, return to the hallway in order to take protection from phantom. At the top of the elevator, you will find a health kit, two grenades, an assault rifle, and a sprint and armor lock case. If possible, focus on the Elite farthest away from the other two first so that the other cannot injure while you kill it. The Skirmishers often stay in cover, so you must wait until they walk between barricades or crates to achieve a headshot. Look through the doorway ahead of you into the next room, where you will find three Grunt heavies, two Jackal snipers, and an Elite ultra. After killing both the wraiths and the infantry, a Pelican will drop of a standard warthog. I describe which weapons to use, where to find them, what enemies you will encounter, and the most efficient way of eliminating them. I would not suggest taking this weapon because it does not impart enough damage to kill most Elites with one headshot. If an Elite was operating the ghost, ram the Elite to kill it. Watch out for dropships, and use your DMR to pick them off one by one. You’ll have a brief moment to reload and rearm before the next part of the assault. In the second, smaller building, there is a sniper rifle and a sprint and armor lock case. To stay safe, sprint close to him. This will paint a red circle around the wraith, followed by an artillery strike of five orbital missiles will then destroy anything in the vicinity of the red circle If you can kill both wraiths with a single strike, you will also receive an achievement. If you do this, you will need to use different tactics than the ones I provide for the remainder of this rally point. Covenant forces are advancing from the North end of the courtyard, so zoom in and try to get in a few headshots as they come into sight atop the nearby ramp. Follow. Halo Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Complete ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary. At the very end of this path, there is a ramp heading into the courtyard, and from the bottom of this ramp you can easily finish off the rest of the enemies. Mission 03 // Oni: Sword Base Mission Start // The Best Defense... At the start of this mission you'll face a blockade of Elite, Grunts and shielded Jackals. Then ram the Elite and give the revenant to Kat. After killing the phantom, two short swords will be able to destroy the covenant corvette. These Grunts soften suicide, so kill them quickly and do not get to close. After eliminating these threats, Move to the far wall of the atrium and turn left, then climb the stairs and turn left into a room with three Grunts. Begin driving towards the AA gun by following the dirt path uphill. Halo: Reach Walkthrough = Mission 01/02 Mission 03 Mission 04 Mission 05 Mission 06 » Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. The frigate is then able to destroy the corvette with a single Mac round. Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 11 on ONI: Sword Base on Legendary difficulty Read Halsey's Journal Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 2 on ONI: Sword Base. Swap your plasma pistol for the rocket launcher and restock on health and DMR ammo. After you kill all visible enemies from your position, cross the bridge and walk to the left wall. Author: tubemogul@ign.com Added: 10/18/2012 Duration:378.73 Halo: Reach Walkthrough - Mission ONI (Sword Base): The Best Defense IGN presents a walkthrough to Bungie's Halo: Reach. Mission 3 : Oni:Sword Base You start the mission with a DMR, so snipe away at those Grunts. Drive the ghost along the dirt path to the AA gun facility. Walk up the stairs between the second and third floor of your building. In this area, there are a lot of health kits and weapons you can use. To take cover, simply walk a few steps back and the enemies below will be unable to shoot you. The level begins on July 26, 2552 near Sword Base, an Office of Naval Intelligence research facility. To kill an enemy aircraft with a rocket launcher, you need to get a lock-on. Restock on DMR ammo and swap your plasma pistol for the target locator. Because you do not have a plasma pistol, wait for the marines and Kat to remove the Elite’s shields, then finish it with a DMR headshot. In addition, there is a revenant between the two buildings. Nightfall. Reenter the ghost you used as transportation to the coms array. There are a large amount of elites and grunts storming the far end of the base. NOBLE Team is deployed to Sword Base after a Covenant corvette begins attacking the facility. This level is an absolute pain in the in the first section for some reason. You will use one of these ghosts for transportation to the next section. ONI: Sword Base is the third level in Halo: Reach and is the second playable one. This is area the map used for the multiplayer map “Sword Base”. Brought to you by none other than Fox McCloud II. Step to the left of the doorway for cover. A banshee only requires one rocket to kill, but the phantom requires three. After turning on the coms array, a Pelican will deliver a gauss warthog. Oni: Sword Base Data Pad 03: Legendary only - Oni: Sword Base Where to start: Rally Point Alpha Progress through the level normally until you'll arrive at a small village area that has two buildings across from one another. Select a barricade to use as cover and patiently kill the Skirmishers and any other remaining infantry. Halo: Reach: Kill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during ONI: Sword Base. This level takes place at Sword Base which is located on the Babd Catha Ice Shelf, which is located near one of the Poles on Reach. Halo Reach: ONI Sword Base In the courtyard, there are three Grunts, eight Jackals, an Elite minor, and an Elite major. Hey guys and girls. Be sure to restock on DMR ammo, health, and plasma pistol energy before you leave for the coms array. Nothing a Spartan team can’t handle. Your current objectives are to secure and restart the UNSC Anti-Aircraft gun and coms array. Get inside, go up the stairs and assassinate the General-type Elite. This is likewise the main mission in which you battle Hunters, the most solid infantry of the contract armed force. The LZ is very hot as you and your team arrive in Falcon helicopters. Kill this Elite as quickly as possible because you will be entirely exposed when crossing the bridge. After killing the wraiths, kill the infantry with your DMR. For this reason, kill them as soon as possible with an artillery strike from the target locator. Around this time, a spirit will drop two Elite rangers with concussion rifles and four more Grunts near the AA gun. Tips Included! Use the square doorway you entered from as cover. As soon as your reticule appears on the screen, kill them with headshots, sprint to the bridge, and swap your assault rifle for one of their plasma pistols. This ultimately provides you with an intact wraith that you can use for the remainder of this rally point. On the other side of the bridge are two Jackal snipers and an Elite major. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Once the initial courtyard is clear. You should enter the hallway without stairs, taking you to a room with a DMR crate against the wall, six marines, and a bridge over to the next section. The “Ordinance” marker leads you to a target locator, which you’ll need to pick up so you can direct USNC artillery in the next part of the mission. Next, move up into the second building and enter the small room on top. At the top of the hill, there are three Grunts and a ghost, operated by either an Elite or a Grunt. 8 years ago | 20 views. throw a grenade into the center if Kat and the rest of the soldiers haven'… To do this, point your target locator at either of the wraiths and hold the right trigger. If they do, stun and kill them with your plasma pistol and DMR as they begin walking up the ramp. Part two of the Oni Sword Base mission begins as soon as the exterior doors open. Once you kill the Grunts closest to you, move to the rock in front of you and use it as cover to kill even more Grunts. The level begins on July 26, 2552 near Sword Base, an Office of Naval Intelligence research facility. Continue forward, where you will come to a walking bridge connecting to the other side of the atrium. Use the hill to the left as cover to kill the Grunts while staying protected from the ghost and swap your target locator for one of the Grunt’s plasma pistols. In the larger building, there is a health kit, assault rifle crate, and a sprint and armor lock case by the rear entrance. The Invisible Women of the Great Depression. Inside the elevator room to your left, you will find two Grunts and an Elite. On the first floor, there is a DMR crate and a health kit as well as a DMR and a DMR case on the roof level. Watch our for the phantom turret as it killed me multiple times on my first run. On the level above you, there are four Jackals, an Elite major, and an Elite general with a fuel rod. Halo: Reach ONI Sword Base Walkthrough Part 2: "Get the Hell Off My Lawn!". After their retreat, follow them up the gangway, using the slope as cover and kill all the Grunts and Jackals that are there. Kat will now tell you to secure and activate the coms array. Follow. In the central area, there are four Jackals and an Elite major, all of which are easy to deal with the help of Noble Team. Noble Team head to ONI's main base on reach to halt the advance of the new Covenant threat by clearing the base and taking out a Covenant Corvette class starship. About the Video: Halo Reach ultra wide ultra settings gameplay on RTX 2080 and Ryzen 9 3900x. Once all enemies are killed, you and Kat can use the elevator to enter Sword Base. Enter the building through the back door, and climb the stairs while charging up your plasma pistol. Keep walking strait and you will come to a maze of large UNSC barricades and large UNSC crates. Remember: melee, sidestep, assassinate. ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough: (Warning: This is a long walkthrough and contains spoilers. My Top 10 List of Survival/ Prepping Items | Canadian Prepper, 5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget, Prepping for Beginners – The 4 Basics Plus 1 & Planning Ahead, AFWERX Fusion 2020- Conductive Concrete Technology. Because you do not have a plasma pistol, you cannot jack them. Once safely inside, you will see six Grunts, two Jackals, and two Elites in the UNSC barricade field. Sprint up the hill to the west, which is to your right when facing away from Sword Base. First off, you'll land in the courtyard of the ONI Sword Base and be tasked with taking out the Covenant squadrons that are attacking the base. You start out the mission packing a DMR, and you’ll have an immediate chance to put it to good use. Oni: Sword Base. Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 2 on ONI: Sword Base; Two Corpses In One Grave. First aim high right, take out the Elite with your DMR. Due to the sensitive nature of the facility, orbital MAC roundsare prohibited, forcing Noble Team to go groundside to defend the facility. Pretty Much Out in the Open. Secure the base and get rid of that Corvette. Once you see them climbing the stairs on your radar, move towards them so that you can immediately stun and kill them as they walk up the last few stairs.
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